COVID-19 still poses great challenges! Nevertheless, TRITON SURFARI is also immensely optimistic about the new normal and we look forward to welcome you again on our beautiful motor yacht to enable you to have a lifetime surf adventure.

Of course, we understand your concerns about traveling to the Maldives. But be assured, the safety and well-being of our guests is our top priority. We implement the precautionary measures in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and related governing bodies. You can find the detailed security guidelines here:

The Triton crew will maintain a high level of hygiene standards and will be prepared to offer all of our services in accordance with the new normal standards. There has never been a case of COVID-19 on the Triton! An ideal choice for a safe and happy vacation.

The Triton motor yacht is designed for small groups of 5 to 10 surfers. Our high standards of cleanliness, outstanding service and top-of-the-range gear make the Triton the best ship for your expedition especially during the COVID-19 times. The Triton offers serious comfort for your Maldives surfing holidays. We offer only double rooms and there is enough space across the decks to be safe with all the COVID-19 contact specifications.

You can decide who will share this surf trip of a lifetime with you exclusively! In that case you will choose yourself which route you want to go and how long your dream surf trip will last. The boat’s maximum capacity is 10 people! Contact us and we’ll advise you and create a custom dream package!

During COVID-19 and also on a surf trip a  small group makes a big difference! We will focus on your safety and you focus on your vacation! We are very excited to customize your holidays in paradise.

Just send us an email to info@triton-surfari.com or contact us here!


Below you find frequently asked questions. We hope you find the answer you were looking for! If not, send your questions here.

What distinguishes the Triton from other Surfari boats?
If you need luxury in the form of a 4 star hotel and air conditioning then the Triton isn’t right for you! If you like to make little compromises when surfing and want to make decisions quickly and easily in a small group then the Triton is the boat for you. In addition, our crew is experienced and authentic! Luxury is a question of definition! 4 star food and service you get by the boat load on the Triton.

How does a classic Triton day on the Maldives look like?
Sunrise and sunset are about 6am and 6pm as the Maldives are near to the equator. Upon request your day can begin very early to get the most out of the day. You wake up to the sound of the engines and you are already on the way to the surf spot of your choice. Coffee, tea and a snack will be ready and you can be in the water at sunrise. After a long session you can have a hearty breakfast and the rest of the day can then be planned with the crew. After breakfast you can jump back in the water and return when you are hungry for lunch. Depending on the conditions and plans the Triton can already be moving on to the sunset session spot. If this sounds too much you can of course chill. There are always drinks and afternoon coffee and cake on board and after the last surf session its time to anchor up. Then it’s dinner time and usually by 9pm everyone is in bed dreaming of more waves.

What to bring?
> Passport  (Valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip!)
> Cash in US $ (to pay for the drinks on board!)
> EC-Maestro card & credit card
> Surfboard (recommended 2 boards)
> Surf equipment (fins, leash, tropical wax, rash vest, booties, repair kit)
> Sunscreen (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses)
> Clothing (on board not much really is needed! 2 boardshorts, t-shirts, long sleeve shirt, pants. Towels are available)
> First aid kit & personals

> Dive mask & snorkel
> Fishing equipment deep sea fishing (harpoons are banned)
> Games, cards, books & movies
> Music & camera

What not to bring?
> Drugs and other illegal items
> You won’t need a wetsuit
> Too much clothes and luggage. Travel light and easy!

Do I need a visa?
Check this out in your respective country of origin. For EU citizens there are usually visa requirements. Tourist visas up to 30 days will be issued upon entry to the Maldives at the airport. A passport that is valid for 6 months from the end of the trip is required!

How good do I need to surf?
You need to have advanced surfing skills, which means you should be able to drop in and surf along a wave.

Are there airlines you can recommend?
We will advise you and we can organize the flight reservation for you. We are always up to date and know all rates, connections and baggage regulations.

What kind of insurance do I need?
We recommend the following insurance types:
> Travel health insurance, including return transport from abroad in case of injury or illness
> Accident insurance, including evacuation costs; e.g. helicopter transport
> Travel cancelation insurance
> Liability insurance

Can I pay by credit card?
Credit card payment is not possible on the Triton! To pay for drinks on board US $ are required! The drinks have to be signed into the drinks list and paid in cash in US $ at the end of the trip. Euro's have a very bad exchange rate, which is why you should bring money from home. The best is small denominations, max. $ 20 bills, which you can exchange back at the airport. Apart from the drinks everything else is included.

Is there Internet on the boat?
3G mobile phones will work on international roaming in the Maldives but it will cost a lot. Alternatively, there is also the possibility, if necessary, to rent a pre-paid mobile phone at the airport. Please let our crew know at the airport! On board we have a wireless adapter, which can be used for a small fee. However, the strength of the connection depends on the weather and location.

I want to dive.  Do I need to bring gear?
Please inform us if you are interested in diving and also how many dives you like to do. The Triton is a long serving dive safari boat during the winter months and so is well equipped and has one of the best dive guides of the Maldives - our dhoni captain. Diving will cost extra!

How are the weather conditions?
The Maldives has a tropical climate, with constant air and water temperatures year-round of between 26 to 32 degrees Celsius. In the summer months when the surf season is on it is also monsoon season, so always expect short thunder storms and rain.

How are the food and the drinks on the Triton?
Daily delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, as well as 1.5 liters of water per day on board the Triton. You need to bring your own candy and importing alcohol to the Maldives is strictly forbidden! Beverages such as soft drinks, beer, etc are available on board. If anyone wants a bottle of rum, whiskey, vodka or wine then send us your requests.

Can I book a single room?
Yes, for an additional fee!

Can I buy surfboards and gear on the Maldives?
No, so you should bring a second board with you. Spare fins and a repair kit are also highly recommended.


We are constantly monitoring the global situation and would like to make sure that your future travel plans are safe and assure you that we support our customers as best we can. Due to the continuing global effects of the coronavirus COVID-19 and the possible probability that the borders will be closed, we have prepared ourselves for this and offer a free cancellation. We are closely looking at the situation and will notify you immediately if COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions affect your trip. If this happens, you also always have the option of a free rebooking or get a free credit for the travel price.

We have reviewed all of our health and safety policies and are implementing new minimum standards aimed at improving hygiene. These comply with the recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO and follow the Safe Travel protocols of the World Travel & Tourism Council WTTC for tour operators. We recommend that you read your government's travel advice before you travel and search the World Health Organization WHO website for the most up-to-date information about travel destinations and allowable travel from any country. Surfing naturally involves social distance. However, there are often high traffic areas where the transmission risk of COVID-19 is higher. Before starting the journey, we will ask all guests to check their physical condition themselves. If guests have symptoms, however mild they are, or are in a household where someone has symptoms, they are advised to stay at home.

During the surfaris, we ask guests and staff to monitor their own health and in case of COVID-19 symptoms to inform us accordingly. elooa reserves the right to send guests or employees home who have symptoms of COVID-19 and cannot or do not want to be tested to avoid risk to others. As much physical distance as possible is practiced during all events. Our coaches and guides will promote social distancing. We will implement the use of face masks in situations with a higher risk of virus transmission. We also provide sufficient access to disinfectants and encourage all guests to clean their hands when entering the boat or before starting an activity.